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Success Stories

We value each of our clients and we care about their unique homes. Here are some short testimonials from some of our clients:

GB3 and all the people we have worked with have been awesome! You all have gone above and beyond what any one else would do. Thank you for being there for us and for helping us with the sale of our house! I would recommend you to everyone and will!

— Leslie

I can’t thank you guys enough for the work you did at that place. It made such a huge difference! We easily saved 20% on our utilities every month, not to mention the comfort factor.

— Mathias

Nick I'd like to thank you and your terrific crew, Saber and Danny.
I found GB3 as a result of a recommendation. However, I did not know the person personally so I was still taking a bit of a chance.
I could not be more pleased. You were great to work with. You explained the "what" and the "why" clearly and didn't mind repeating it all if I had questions. Regarding your crew, Saber and Danny were excellent examples of people who take pride in doing a job well the first time. In addition, they went out of their way to respect my home, clean up completely after their job was done...and put up with my questions.
They were also more than willing to give me tips on how to effectively proceed with the remaining tasks I had to do myself.
I would be delighted to talk with anyone considering GB3 Energy Smart Homes and share my experience

— Sandy A.

Thanks so much for today’s installation of a radon mitigation system. Your team, as always, is a pleasure to work with — skilled, efficient, patient, informative.

— Carol

Recently GB3 insulated my house located on South Xavier street and Nick Chavez was my contact with your company. I want to make you aware that Nick was an absolute pleasure to work and did an amazing job with sealing up my home and making sure we did everything possible to get the house within specifications. Nick’s hard work, drive and attention to detail were apparent during the entire process. I will definitely be recommending GB3 Energy Smart Homes to friends and family. Thanks for your services and hiring Nick, treat him well

— J

I need to tell you how great your crews were. Super polite, aware of cleanliness, personable, on time, etc It was a pleasure to have them here.

— Bonnie M

GB3 provided the most thorough inspection of all the firms and recommended several additional items that made a lot of sense. They provided very responsive communications throughout the process and were very easy to work with.

— Randall

We were very impressed with GB3 from our first contact. All of your employees were professional and knowledgeable. Your work was done on time and correctly and we can’t say enough good things about our experience with your company. We will certainly recommend you in the future.

— Arnold

I absolutely would recommend GB3, if fact I have already done so to my next door neighbor who is going to have an energy audit done.

— Gwen

The work done insulating our garage has made a noticeable difference in maintaining the temperature in the rooms above it. The work was done quickly and looks great. We have other areas that where we'd like work done and will definitely use GB3 again.

— Justin

Absolutely! They are great at what they do. They educated me about what they wanted to do, why it needed to be done and kept me informed about the progress of the job.

— Lorraine

The quality of the work you did seems excellent, and the lengths Kris went to with regard to our fan was outstanding.

— Nancy

We had no idea that tackling the "low hanging fruit" could make such a drastic difference. We saved about $180 on utilities the month after our audit and repairs, and that really adds up onver time!

— Adam and Christine
Denver, Highlands Neighborhood

GB3 was thorough, easy to work with and carried through on their commitment to insulate my house. I have already recommended the company to my realtor friend and will certainly recommended GB3 to anyone who asks.

— Jennifer R

It was a pleasure to work with the guys at GB3 from Bill and Grant to Kris and the crew (Lucio and Danny). I can’t say enough about them-everyone was extremely professional and did everything they said they were going to do. Grant performed a very comprehensive energy audit and patiently answered all my questions and Lucio and Danny worked very hard to ensure that my attic was sealed and insulated. If I owned the company I would want a staff of employees like the guys at GB3 that worked on my house.

— Ted P

GB3 did a great job. They came back out to readjust an issue no problem. Everyone was really nice, polite, and professional. Other professionals have noticed how nice the work was done. They even drew a picture on how the furnace and hot water system works and what to get if i need to replace them. They even took pictures on my digital camera for me to see.

— Myra S

We were very happy with GB3 Energy’s work. They re-evaluated the insulation after their work and offered additional suggestions of things we could do ourselves to help with the insulation as well to help get us the energy rebate. They were very professional, and showed up on time when promised.

— Jennifer N

Grant and his team were amazing! From the first visit to job completion we couldn't be more pleased or impressed! Everyone was on time, the work was completed in the time frame quoted, and everyone cleaned up after themselves. Great people, great work, great price! I highly recommend Grant and GB3 and will be referring them to everyone!”

— Melinda O

After having Xcel conduct a home energy audit, I contacted GB3 for an estimate to address issues from the audit. The estimate they gave me was itemized so I could pick those that made sense and that I could afford. I had good advice from Grant, one of the owners, about a few things that did not make good sense for my home and would not be a wise use of my funds. In the end I chose only to do attic insulation and air sealing.

Workers showed up in time, completed all work in a day, and did a good job cleaning up. They explained some of the things they were doing as they worked. After completion another fellow came to inspect the work. Also, since the air turn over in my house would be reduced with the sealing of leaks he tested my furnace and water heater for carbon monoxide and discovered an issue with my furnace which could be a safety problem, which I appreciated. He also provided the forms I would need for Excel rebates and tax credits.

— Roger R

Grant performed an energy audit on very short notice on a home we were considering purchasing. He spent a lot of time at the house and complied a detailed inspection report for us very quickly. The report was incredibly detailed and included so many issues that the general inspector didn't report/notice. Also included was a priority list of ways to improve the house and quotes for all of these services, which were very reasonable. We ended up buying the house, and although we haven't addressed most of the issues in his report (yet), I would not hesitate to call GB3 and have them complete the recommended work!

— Angela R

The crew at GB3 Energy are knowledgeable, professional, and really took the time to educate us and be helpful. We saved money because they showed us what jobs we could do on our own to improve the house's energy efficiency.

— Patricia B

GB3 installed attic insulation in our older house. They also did some air sealing in the attic and sealed some doors and other areas where there was leaking air. It took 2 days. They worked very hard and cleaned up very well after. There was no dust or mess. Kurt explained everything very well and delivered exactly what he promised. After they were done, he did a post audit and found that the insulation decreased heat loss I think 18% which was close to what he expected. During the process, one of the workers accidentally loosened a phone wire in the attic so we lost service in one phone. He came back on a Sunday and cheerfully fixed it for no charge.

— Herb B

I contacted GB3 after getting an energy audit from Xcel. The auditor recommended GB3 and said that my highest priority was sealing the crawl space, because that's where the furnace is. My house was extremely leaky, so air sealing in the house was also recommended. Kurt from GB3 did another mini energy audit with a blower door test before sending me the bid. He broke down the bid into different line items so I could choose which ones I could afford to do right away. I could only afford to air seal the crawl space and the house. I also agreed to have them install an exhaust fan in the bathroom. However, I later decided not to have the exhaust fan installed because I found out that it would be on a motion sensor with no switch to turn it off, and my cat would probably be setting it off all the time. Although the bid was very detailed, and Kurt had explained a lot while he was here doing the initial blower door test, there were still a few things that I didn't completely understand about what they would be doing (like the motion sensor fan). Fortunately, everything worked out fine. The installers were here for two days, mostly in the crawl space. They did everything that they said they would, and they worked really hard. They actually had to cut apart the old furnace to get it out of the crawl space. And they hauled away the old furnace parts and wood that had been in the crawl space instead of just leaving it by the curb. Kurt came back and did another blower door test after the work was done. The test showed that the work reduced the air leaking from my house by 26%, and Kurt was concerned that it should have been an even bigger improvement. Then I noticed after he left that one of my bedroom windows was open a crack, which would have definitely affected the test. That means the improvement was probably a lot more than 26%. And even though it hasn't gotten cold yet, I'm already noticing the difference in how well my home stays cool in the hot weather. I don't have air conditioning, and mostly that's okay, unless it gets up over 90 degrees. But the other day, it was 91 outside, and my thermostat said 72 degrees inside. It might be partly because the sun has moved lower in the sky so it's not directly over the house, but I think it's also partly because of the air sealing. That makes it worth it to me.

— Jessica T

We received multiple bids from multiple companies for a house we had purchased in June with essentially no insulation in the attic. Our house was built in 1881 and has very unusual attic architecture with very high domed ceilings that posed a unique situation to all of the insulation contractors that gave us a bid. One company gave us a quote of nearly $6,000 due to the unique architecture and complex nature of the job. Another company did give us a lower bid of around $1,200 but was not nearly as detailed and failed to address any of the complexities of the job posed by the domed ceilings. GB3, while not the lowest price came in with by far the most detailed estimate to address the complexities of the architecture as well as the prep work needed to ensure the work was done correctly and without leaving behind any air leaks in weather stripping, canned lights, electrical penetrations etc. They were doing far more than just going in and blowing insulation. They spent an entire day just doing the attic prep and sealing. The owner Grant provided the estimate and was there throughout the entire job making sure it was done to his standards. He is an obvious perfectionist as were his crew. He even provided a before and after energy audit test to show the difference in air leak in the house prior to and after the installation of the insulation. He also showed us where other air leaks were present that we could address with caulking and sealing of things such as windows, fireplace etc. There was not one speck of dust left in the house from the job. The entire system was self contained, they set up an area enclosed with plastic for the entry to the attic, and even wore little surgical booties over their shoes for when they left the enclosed area. At the completion of the job, Grant got out his vacuum and vacuumed up what little mess was made (which i couldn't even see). This company was professional, took great pride in their work and obviously want to do things the right way. We now have an attic that went from an R5 insulation value to R60. I would not hesitate to ever use this company again. Fortunately insulation lasts a long time, but I will be recommending GB3 to anyone who has any insulation needs.

— Cindy S

GB3 did a great job helping us understand how to reduce our energy consumption and increase the comfort level in our home. They helped us navigate all of the various rebates and also provided information in a way that we could make a well-informed cost-benefit analysis. We will definitely look to them when we're ready to engage in future efficiency updates.

— Leanna H, Denver

I'm so happy I decided to proceed with this project. GB3 was great to work with. I didn't feel any pressure to do anything on the list of recommendations. I chose exactly what I wanted to do. And, I received two rebates to help defray the cost.

— Kate M, Longmont

I appreciate the promptness and efficiency with which the inquiries, appointment and installation were handled.

— Barbara F, Denver

I'd absolutely recommend GB3! I really trusted them and knew that they were doing high quality work! The staff was wonderful and the job was done quickly and efficiently. They worked with my budget and added on some little fixes that I was not expecting. Thanks so much!

— Pam C, Englewood

You explained everything, performed the work quickly, quietly and cleanly and took away any mess. We're satisfied with the product, especially in light of the heat that started right after you finished. We'd recommend your company to others and use you again for additional work when we need it.

— George S and Anne G, Golden

Our experience with GB3 was extremely positive. They delivered on their promise and then some. Grant, Kris and their team were easy to work with and we learned a lot. They helped us with the rebate process as well. I would definitely recommend GB3 to friends, family and neighbors. In fact, I already have! Thanks GB3.

— Brad N, Denver

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