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Success Stories

We value each of our clients and we care about their unique homes. Our focus is not only on energy efficiency, but also on your comfort, and more importantly, your health. We work hard to provide you with meaningful and cost-effective improvements to make your home, and our world, better – one house at a time. Learn what some of our clients have to say about us:


“Carolyn Kaufman had heard of energy audits before and knew there was energy and money to be saved in her home. But a good deal and a great partnership finally made her pull the trigger.” Read the complete story of “Partnering to save energy and money” (PDF, 2 pages)

Jim Smith

“Now that the spell of exceptionally cold weather in the Denver area is finally over, what can we learn besides that Peyton Manning can play in cold weather? For my wife Rita and me, the week of sub-zero nights really demonstrated the value of home weatherization.”.

Sherri and Diane

“We had a home energy audit through Xcel Energy and Lightly Treading. Jana Milstein our home energy auditor from a Balanced Home, recommended Bill with GB3. Jana said "Bill gets it!" and from our first meeting we knew she was right. We were trying to make our home more energy efficient and through GB3 this was accomplished in less than a week. Bill is very pleasant and has a lot of Green Technology knowledge. His crew was very clean and efficient. It was definitely a pleasure doing business with Bill. We are so excited with our new energy efficient furnace, BreezeAir Evaporative cooler and our energy efficient upgrades to our attic and doors. GB3 even provided training sessions and a final walk through to make all their work was completed in a satisfactory manner. We highly recommend Bill and GB3. Thanks”

— Sherri & Diane

Shelly and Dennis

“As a Do It Yourself remodeler, I thought I had done a good job of sealing our house against the elements. Being in the heating industry, I knew the importance of good insulation, sealing all leaks and creating a safe environment with gas appliances. Even after all of the work I did, GB3 was able to identify considerable air leakage in our small home. We hired them to seal the leaks and noticed a substantial improvement in comfort the very next day. I have confidently recommended them to business associates, family and friends.”

— Dennis

Diana and KC

“We called GB3 to help us with our attic. It was converted to a greatroom, but for six months out of the year heat made the room completely unusable. The audit didn't take long, and the results were amazing! The infrared imaging and blower door test identified where the air conditioning and heat were leaking out. Bill and Grant did an outstanding job on the follow-up work. We can now enjoy our greatroom even on the hottest days.”

— Diana and KC

Shelly and Dennis

“We recently had a home energy audit performed by GB3 Energy Smart Homes. We were interested in making our home more efficient but didn't know where to start. With their high tech infrared camera and other gadgetry, Grant and Bill took the time to walk us through the structural and mechanical components of our home. Through the process they made it easy for us to understand and actually see where we could correct problem spots on our house. After the audit, we were able to make some inexpensive fixes to our home that have saved us a bunch on our utility bills.”

— Mike and Karen

Shelly and Dennis

“The energy audit process itself was far more interesting than I had ever imagined. It was fascinating to see the cold spots through the infra-red camera and to feel—when the house was depressurized—vast amounts of air rushing in through places we never would have thought to be problematic. After having had GB3 do the follow-up work, we no longer need to run the swamp cooler during the day. We just run it at night and shut the house up in the morning and it stays cool all day.”

— Shelly

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